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Quantum Leap Has Happened, But Don’t Saddle-Up Just Yet


Technician walking in hallway of server room_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsGoogle is, perhaps unsurprisingly, first out of the gates on this one with a quantum calculation having been done in a scant 3 minutes. Not impressed? That same calculation would have taken any other computer tens of thousands of years to complete. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

But here’s my take on this breakthrough: To begin with, apparently this news leaked from an everyday memo between Google employees. This is unsettling because a breakthrough this big should have been huge news for the company—so why wasn’t it? Is there something even bigger up Google’s sleeve? In light of their clandestine dealings with China, and the loss of their initial “don’t be evil” motto, one can only wonder what’s next.

Ok, so that’s the conspiracy theorist in me. What about my inner-consumer? Well, quantum computing, despite all its hype, is basically pointless for consumer products. The insanely fast computing has no practical application in our phones, tablets, and computers which are all lightning fast anyway. But where qubits do their thing is in the laboratory, and by extension, the cloud. There the computing dynamics can be put to things like organic modeling or weather prognostication.

That’s right: the mightiest computers will be used to predict the weather.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Q-puting (yes, I just called it that) will make things like chemical engineering and A.I. a snap. Things that today would be literally impossible for computers to do. This translates into newer pharmaceutical breakthroughs, genetic breakthroughs, astronomical mapping and predictions, VR and AR in real time, and a cloud experience that borders on the supernatural.

So, hold on tight, because your favorite search engine is going to single-handedly usher in a new reality.

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