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Patching the Pinholes in Your Business’s Cybersecurity


Patching the Pinholes in Your Business’s Cybersecurity_Data Security_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsConcerns with cybersecurity are a constant draw on our resources, but one that has to be addressed. And it seems as if glaring breaches in security have been commonplace in even some of the larger businesses as of late.

Add to this the recent reveal that every computer is a ticking time-bomb, and it begs the question: where are the pinholes in a business’s data security and how can they be patched?

Security is a lifestyle, not a finish line

In this digital age, data is changing faster than we can imagine. This means many of the security protocols put in place just last year are most-likely already expired. Setting a firewall up and walking away is a good way to get hacked. And when you have employees who cross their personal and professional emails, or accept any attachment that comes through email, your target is constantly moving.

Consider data security as a state of mind; something needing improved upon rather than as a milestone reached. Agile and adaptive is the name of the game, and while much of the security software you can use is frequently updated, it is prudent to review and adjust on your own as well.

Cell phones can be a trojan horse

It seems the smartphone has become as necessary as Post-It notes in offices across the country. However, with this increase in usage comes the potential for security leaks. In fact, with a larger corporation, the holes phones create can make your water-tight security as effective as a mesh sieve.

Surprisingly, the holes made by phones are not from their usage; it’s from their dispositioning. When your ITAD program dumps old phones, the data on them can be up for grabs. That’s why it is important to take precautions. Either invest in a data-wiping program that handles phones, or go with a ITAD company that takes security seriously.

At Sage, we use the world’s best data-erasure software so long as it meets the NIST 800-88 standards. And even then, we have a strict legal-hold quarantine area to stage incoming IT assets with sensitive data on them. You can be sure with a protocol like ours that data does not leak from your retired devices.

Too-tight security can lead to employee revolt

We covered some of the psychological reasons for employees to inadvertently compromise good security in another post, but the point bears repeating. If logins and validations in your business’s software become too constricting, your employees might move sensitive material out of the firewall for easier access.

Some of the other ways employees hamper security is in putting passwords and login information on sticky notes near their computers, sending attachments to other devices for mobile reading, or taking pictures of the security screens with their phones.

Believe it or not, lightening the login credentials slightly could potentially improve your overall cyber-security. If nothing else, explain the importance of wholistic security—not just on the screen—for your overall business safety.

Retired tech can breach security if not properly handled

In the same way that your phones could be carrying important data to the landfill, so too your laptops, tablets, and servers. Choose to work with a sustainable ITAM or ITAD company with a track-record of security when retiring older technology and you can get more than just secure recycling.

Most typical recyclers simply shred hard drives to eliminate data risks. The problem with this is that shredded assets are lost revenue. Instead, sustainable recyclers will wipe the drives of 100% of their data. This leaves the hard drives intact, opening the door to potentially resell the hardware for financial return. And, it’s more sustainable because it keeps the hard drive out of the waste stream.

There are a number of ways you can prevent data-security issues from plaguing your business, and in relation to retired technology, you can prevent it sustainably. Our multi-step process for managing IT assets has garnered the business of some of the largest companies in the country. You can learn more here to see just how critical cybersecurity is.

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