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Out of philanthropic options? We’ve got one that might surprise you


Out of philanthropic options? We’ve got one that might surprise you_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsIf you could do one thing to truly change the world, what would it be? Would you give food to the hungry? Or maybe you’d clothe the needy? What about giving jobs to the jobless? What is the best aid to give to a broken and hurting community? We think we might have the answer. And, believe-it-or-not, it’s something you’ve probably been throwing away.

Donated IT Assets can change futures

We’ve said it before: technology amplifies human potential. It’s the principle reason we all seem mesmerized by these gadgets we use; watching new product releases with whetted appetites. This fact about technology is what gives that donated tablet or computer far more reach and tangible results than any other kind of donation ever could.

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Of course, food and clothes donations are necessary, but they really don’t fix anything. They meet a need that will return day after day unless something fundamental changes. For that fundamental change to occur, a catalyst is needed; something to jump the system and provide a real fix for these communities in need.

Technology changes lives: in the right hands, a computer allows a student to complete her classes, a parent to apply for a better job, and a grandparent to access the health insurance they need. In short: computers can offer a solution to families in Low to Middle Income (LMI) communities, not just one more meal.

Donate your retired IT assets through our GoodTogether program and see for yourself the potential of these devices in the hands of those who need them most. And choose a philanthropic move that truly makes an ongoing difference.

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