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Memoir Of a Business Laptop


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Remember when you first laid eyes on me? Shiny and new—full of potential. Could you have imagined all the work you’d get done with me, or all the social, personal, and vocational life that you’d make with me at your fingertips? I know you check Facebook at your desk (it’s okay, I won’t tell).

So, what happened?

Did I get too slow? Or is it that tiny chip in my screen from when the intern knocked me off the conference table? Maybe you are tired of the way my keys sound when you’re typing. Johnson’s laptop doesn’t clack like that… Whatever the reason, I get it: you’re upgrading because I’m old, slow. Useless.

Only, I can’t agree with that last one. After all, I am a supercomputing machine. I can see all the alternatives, the potential still packed away in these circuits—No, not useless. In an instant flash of ones and zeros, I see the thousands of people out there who still don’t have access to perfectly good (albeit dated) devices like me.

There has to be more that I can give!

I see kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods who might use my memory to record a music video that will go viral—utterly changing their lives for the better. Or that non-profit who might use my processing power to bring together their grand plans for caring for the sick or elderly. I see the veteran who needs a job, tapping out a resume on my keyboard—or the students submitting their applications to good colleges.

There is still so much potential I have to offer, even though the ‘e’ has been rubbed off that key and the space bar is all shiny. Chipped screens and last-generation operating systems aside, you have to admit: I’m still a pretty powerful machine. So, why not donate me and all my friends (except Johnson’s laptop; he’s still breaking it in) to one of those organizations? It’s way better than tossing us in the garbage—I’ll tell you.

Not sure how to go about donating me? No problem. I’ve taken the liberty of looking it up for you (I asked Siri).

That was a joke, by the way…

Anyway, I found this great program called GoodTogether. They will take me in, clean me up (when was the last time YOU cleaned between my keys?), wipe all those memories you’re concerned about throwing away, and they’ll even install a completely new license of Microsoft Windows—certified and warrantied. I’ll be packaged and like new for my next user.

GoodTogether even has prime partnerships with not-for-profits they can connect me with. I’ll go to a great home. So, what are you waiting for? It’s clear you don’t want me anymore. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not bothered by that—I’m a computer. Besides, I think there’s a kid out there who would absolutely love me… Kind of like how you first did. Remember?

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