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Last Christmas, I gave you my phone. The very next day…


Image ©: The Morung ExpressOur countdown to Christmas continues, and this post is about how technology—specifically wearables and smartphones—have saved the life of their user.

A watch to warm the heart

Wearables are electronic devices that a person can strap on, or hook in, to enhance their work or leisure activities. One of the simplest of these innovations is a wristwatch. By placing the wearable on your wrist, it gives the device ready access to your pulse.

Because of this proximity to one of the easiest places to take a pulse, the makers of wearable wristband devices have incorporated a heartbeat monitor. And, for one gentleman, that ended up being a lifesaver.

When the, otherwise healthy, Scott Killian went to sleep that night, he had no reason to think a heart attack would result. So, when his iWatch let him know his heart wasn’t beating correctly, he was able to get help fast. Because of the implications of what heart monitoring can do for an aging tech-savvy community, manufacturers are starting to enhance their products with more health-specific features.

A phone call can make all the difference

Siri and Alexa may seem like trivial conveniences at times, but the A.I. can be a miracle-worker in the right circumstances. For instance, when a four-year old’s mother collapsed in their home, Siri facilitated a call to the emergency squad for the toddler.

Being able to patch a call to 911 is exactly what Siri did for the gentleman whose 5,000 pound truck fell on him. After the vehicle collapsed on him, he called out to the phone in his back pocket and shouted for Siri to make the call. He says he owes his life to Siri.

Apps can make the heart grow fonder

It’s not just Siri who can save lives, either. Apparently, Android phones can also be used as a rescue device—or at least with the right app, they can. During hurricane Harvey, 911 operators are inundated with calls, leaving most people without a way to reach someone for aid.

And when a hurricane hits, it’s pure pandemonium. There are no clear paths to homes, or easy ways to find where victims might be stuck. Thankfully, the free walkie-talkie app for Android phones made it possible for victims to communicate through the storm.

Using our electronic devices for more than just the obvious is one of the things we are constantly looking at with the IT assets we manage. Your gadgets have more to give. Whether for work, play, or life-saving activities, there is so much more that we can do with our technology.    


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