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It’s time to gain independence from technology


freedom through sustainable electronicsNow that the iPhone is officially a teenager, we’ve come to realize so many things about these devices that govern our lives. Some good, and some bad, the ramifications of technology have always been mixed bag of change. But there are some of the negative things that with the right choices, don’t have to be quite so bad.  

The legacy of progress

One of these changes, as we can see with business technology especially, is that most of us leave a series of electronic devices in our wake as we wade through our lives. This can seem like a carbon anchor tying us to the environmental ramifications of our purchase decisions, but there is hope. By donating or reusing technology, you can actually be freed from this tether that makes progress so bittersweet.

The real issue with e-waste is that it is filled with so many useful things (well, also highly toxic things…). There would be no concern if all the devices businesses and consumers retired from their use were passed down to new users; it’s the premature trashing that is most problematic.

So, what’s preventing you from donating or reselling your technology?

Could it be:

  1. Unsure where to unload it – where do you even start for something like this?
  2. Doubtful about data – can I trust the wiping process? Is my data secure?
  3. Too tough to tackle – they won’t take my stuff, it’s too much/ old/ big/ ugly/ broken/

There might be one or two additional reasons to just toss your devices into the bin—or even to take directly to the recycler—but these are all things that can be handled. In fact, because of the potential for revenue, the need for data security, and the environmental ramifications that your devices hold, it becomes critical to handle your device’s disposition as sustainably as possible.

Freedom awaits

So take a step away from linear thinking and unsustainable behavior by choosing the best course of action for your electronic devices. Take them to a certified sustainable ITAD company like Sage; they will wipe the data (securely and completely), refurbish and repair what needs fixed, and resell or donate the devices to extend its life for as long as possible.  

This process of pushing devices as far from the trash pile as possible allows you to walk away from your devices without leaving carbon trailing behind you. Actually, the lengthy ledger of carbon it takes to get and use a device in the first place is greatly diminished by extending the use of technology. So much so that you can almost justify the environmental cost to create electronic devices in the first place.

This freedom from a deeper carbon footprint allows you to purchase new devices in good conscience. And as you do, make sure you think of the end of your new devices life before you reach for the cheapest model. Remember, if you plan on donating or reselling your devices ongoing (which you should), you will want to spring for a better model so it will last longer and get you more in a resale later. Thinking this way will make the most of any investment you make in technology.


You can experience some of the results of other people’s independence by shopping the Sage shop—a great place to find refurbished and even new electronic devices of all kinds at great low prices. While you’re there, sign up for emails to receive discount codes and special savings on everything from tablets, monitors, and laptops to printers, projectors, and iPhones.

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