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Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part V


Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part V_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsAs 5G approaches we’re asking a few questions:

Is this bandwidth all it claims to be, are we ready for it, and how does 5G affect your business’s carbon footprint? Here’s our last post to catch you up.

Not in my backyard

The biggest concern when it comes to the environmental impact of 5G has got to be the number of towers or relay stations that the new, millimeter wavelength signal will require. And for good reason since the signal is too weak to even make it through raindrops

But there is another aspect to the sustainability of 5G that often gets overlooked: ITAM. Yes, your business IT Asset Management could contribute to 5G being ecologically disastrous …unless you change your thinking to sustainability.

A sustainable approach to 5G upgrades is two-fold. First, upgrade slowly—as needed—rather than all at once because of the hype. This prevents false-starts and a massive cost outlay. Second, rethink your 4G device’s retirement program. Those gadgets still have a lot to give!

By making a good home for the 4G devices displaced by 5G upgrades, you can recoup some of the cost of upgrading by re-marketing your devices. Alternatively, with those you can’t sell, you can donate the devices to benefit your community.

To learn how to be sustainable on both these fronts, check out Sage’s multi-step process.

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This series on 5G has been eye-opening across all our channels. In the same way, what we do at Sage can cross all the departments in your business. Technology is a powerful thing no matter how fast the signal. We hope you see the value in your devices beyond just the speed it can move.

To see our first post on 5G click here. And thanks for reading!

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