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Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part IV.


Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part IV_Sage Sustainable Electronics5G is looming, and with its upcoming arrival, we’re asking a few questions, like:

Is this bandwidth all it claims to be, how secure will it be, and how does 5G affect your business’s carbon footprint? Read our last 5G post here.

Millimeter-length crime

When Robert Morris unleashed his viral worm in 1988, the world got a taste of what cybercrime was like—and that was through dial-up! Imagine the level of destruction hackers could have if download speeds were instantaneous. Or, rather, look at what it could mean, because 5G is here.

The thing that makes 5G so superior to all the other Gs has to do with the signal wavelength. Millimeter length signals carry an infinite amount of data across small time-markers. In other words: more data, quicker. And when that data carries with it hacker code, the human reaction time will be too slow to minimize catastrophic results.

This ignores the fact that the devices themselves that will catch these signals will largely be developed by HuaWei, which brings into question certain other security concerns. Indeed, having 5G might have amazing potential for good, but we need to remain mindful--in the midst of all this hype--that there are still security concerns we need answers for.

And finally, let's not forget that when you trade up for those new 5G-enabled devices, there’s the concern with your retired devices’ data. But the answers to that requires a whole other post.

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We’re wrapping up the things we have to say about 5G technology, but you can catch up on what we’ve already had to say here. What are your thoughts about 5G and all the factors we’ve touched on in this series? Follow us on your favorite social channel and leave a comment.

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