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Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part III


Is 5G worth it A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part III_Sage Sustainable Electronics5G is almost here in a big way, and with its arrival, we have a few questions:
Is this bandwidth all it claims to be, what new toys will it bring, and how does 5G affect your business’s carbon footprint? Read our previous post here.

The lure of the unknown

Hype surrounding any new technology is historically a best-case scenario overlooking things like inevitable battery drain and software bugs. Unfortunately, these detractors can be incredibly important on an enterprise scale when adopting any new technology.

But with 5G speeds, the shift will be like going from a Guggenheim press to a laser printer in one leap. New technologies like autonomous fleets or even A.I. IoT devices means nearly everything will soon fall under your ITAM department or cybersecurity’s concern. After all, if it holds and processes data with a microchip, it’s technically IT, right?

Not just that, but embracing 5G without a sustainable mindset will only set you up to outstretch your existing carbon footprint. Between upgrading to 5G supported devices and retiring existing devices, you’re going to need a sustainable ITAD partner.

Create a strategy now, before the hype reaches fever-pitch, for how your business can most sustainably enter into 5G competitiveness. This critical step will help you make the most of your new broadband speeds.

We have just a few more things to say about 5G technology, but you can read what we’ve already had to say here and here. See you in the next post!


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How Does Your Business Fare On The Sustainability Spectrum?



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