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Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part II.


The true cost of 5G can't be calculated5G is about to break out into the market in a big way. With its arrival, we think it’s important to answer a few questions:

Is this bandwidth all it claims to be, who should own it, and how does 5G affect your business’s carbon footprint? Read Part I here.

With great power…

Along with mind-blurring speed, 5G will bring a host of new technologies—and all that that entails. For this reason, choosing who will build or own this infrastructure is a critical point.

Autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, mainstream A.I.; these are but a few of the revolutionary ramifications of 5G. You can see how, in the wrong hands, this could be a tool for propaganda or oppression.

As we race ahead with progress, it can be easy to forget larger-picture issues when the prospect of the business benefit of 5G is staring us in the face. Eliminating latency moves the algorithms of our internet from being a clever tool to being a manipulative monster; we need to deal with personal responsibility before we unleash this Goliath into our devices.

The sooner we figure out the laws and regulations needed to govern this network, the sooner we will inoculate ourselves from potential harm.


We are unpacking the ramifications of 5G in a series of shorter posts every Thursday for the next few weeks. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!


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