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Is 5G worth it? A look at the holistic impact of progress – Part I


Is 5G all it claims to be? Data transfer used to be tough to make sexy, but with all the hype that’s out about 5G, that’s no longer the case. 5G is the latest level of bandwidth about to break out into the market in a big way. With this arrival, we think it’s important to answer a few questions:

Is this bandwidth all it claims to be, who should own it, and how does 5G affect your business’s carbon footprint?

But first: what is 5g?

According to PC Magazine, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular data transmission. And, despite all the carriers saying otherwise, it’s not really out yet. At least, not in the way that makes any real difference.

In the same way that 4G didn’t really mean anything to consumers until several years after it was released, 5G will need to mellow for two to three years.

However, the potential of 5G in comparison to 4G is a bit like putting a bicycle up against a McLaren Speedtail; this is a whole new ballgame. In fact, 5G has so much potential that we don’t even know the products and industries it will yield.

Exciting, to be sure, but it’s really still too clunky to dive in. 

5G is new, and like folding screens, it will have some hiccups along the road to mass market. That’s why fighting the early-adopter syndrome is a good way to remain sustainable in the face of the hype. Wait until technology is vetted before dropping the cash. Because, once you purchase an electronic device, the environmental ledger is in your hands.  


We will be unpacking the ramifications of this technology in a series of shorter posts, so stay tuned for more

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