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How hashtags are creating five-star customer service


consumers are driving customer service with social mediaThe future of commerce has become a consumer’s playground; with social media, hyper-communication platforms, and the new gathering place that is Facebook, consumers everywhere are able to create sway that businesses ignore to their own detriment. Now—unlike any pre-industrial revolution time—people can respond en masse enough that businesses are compelled to respond.

We see this most in consumer brands like within the cosmetic industry. Women are gathering online and actively swaying popular culture. And only the brands who “get it” are moving into these spaces.Customer Service is now a social event

Now, the way I see it, you can either resist this breakdown of the insulation that has existed between businesses and consumers for over 75 years, or you can embrace the culture-shift and forge a new marketplace where consumers have as much say in the boardroom as any other member; forcing the empty seat to always be a viable proxy.

As superficial as these platforms seem, social media has become more substantial than any other kind of customer-service tool businesses could hope for. So, open your arms to this way of engaging with customers and you won’t lose their business—but you will change the face of commerce for the future.

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