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Data Security

How employee retention and recruitment improves your cybersecurity


Image ©: Working NationJudging on Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2018 statistics, the future of data security looks a little uneasy. The fact that the security portion of the data that makes our modern world even possible is heading for a talent drought should make the more prudent of us take stock in what we already have. Namely: good sense and well-educated employees.

Be the hills they run for

Data-security positions are under threat of being vacant. In our estimation, the best way to insulate yourself from the effects of this concern is to take a good look at your own company’s employees. This advice is two-fold: to keep your own data safe, and to attract and retain your security talent.

We’ve said it before, untrained or disengaged employees are the biggest threat to your company’s cybersecurity. Solving that vulnerability with well-educated employees will go a long way to keeping you safe even if you are without a cybersecurity team.

At the same time, making your company a place where security experts feel comfortable and challenged creates an ideal situation for retaining or attracting talent. Of course, if you already have good data security team, you might consider giving them a raise. You’ll want them to prefer your business in the coming vacuum of talent.

Stay the course for the best outcomes

Regardless of what talent is available, or if you’ve already got an ace data-security team, the prudent thing for any business is to stay vigilant for ways that cyber-threats could breach your protocols. In doing so, that will likely be the best line of defense for when these projections come to fruition.

This task isn’t as daunting as it sounds, since actively patrolling them is something anti-malware does. Locating the vulnerabilities comes with scrutinizing every way—from dongles to dial up—that data comes in and goes out of your network. If this report is true, it will be everyone’s job to handle cybersecurity.  

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