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How Does Your Business Fare On The Sustainability Spectrum?


Image ©:  Superior Wallpapers This is truly a time unlike any other in which to be alive. Quantum computing is making new breakthroughs every day, mile-high buildings are being built in the Middle East, and sustainability is on the lips of nearly every corporation in America. In fact, most progressive companies are entertaining ESG factors on the board level. But in this grand acceptance, there is a wide range—a spectrum, if you will—of reaction to the societal shift toward sustainability.

Is your company moving with the market?

Demographic changes show the importance of environmental awareness has with society. But the biggest question to ask with any societal shift is “where are we on the issue?” Like tectonic plates, you don’t want to be caught at the pinch points.

With environmental concerns, businesses need to tread carefully with their policies. The general approach is that businesses are out for a profit regardless—and sometimes in spite of—the planet. Which is likely why this topic is becoming super important to customers and investors; they want to see where you stand. 

Thankfully, this push is not a pointless one. Being sustainable brings along with it a host of value beyond just easing the duress we are putting on the environment. From higher efficiencies and recaptured revenue to business credits and investor attraction, the benefits of going green in earnest can not be overstated.

The Sustainability Spectrum for businesses:

It’s great for my business

This business is using viable sustainability practices and partnerships to create CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) benefits; to add efficiency to their processes; to promote brand equity; and to improve employee retention.

It’s not in-house, yet

This is the business who might not be ready or equipped to handle sustainability on their own and so they partner with sustainable vendors and outsource operations that can be done more sustainably by other companies; but they also think before consuming and procurement sources from green companies.

It’s not an option anymore, I guess

This company hasn’t made the shift yet, but is really starting to panic as they read about how recycling is not working, our trash is growing, and the planet is in turmoil. They may have an internal team eager to move on sustainable ideas, but they are not met with corporate buy-in, so they aren’t really active.

Regardless of where you are on this spectrum, there is always room to move up. Even the actively sustainable company can improve by helping other businesses start their own journey toward a better planet. We are all in this together, after all. And only with the decisions of individuals will a movement happen. How incredible to be standing at the cusp of perhaps the most important movement in the history of our species.

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