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Forbes: CIOs need a 3-5-year plan. But what about upgrading and innovation?


Image ©: Pakistan PoliticoCIOs often times have a rock-and-hard-place job to do. On one hand, IT is pivotal to every modern business, making the IT budget robust. But on the other, budgets always land in the crosshairs. How do you justify spending the kind of money necessary to get the technology your business needs to stay relevant and competitive—or more importantly, how can you make your position one of leadership with such a short timeline? If only there was a secret store of cash that could be used for technology upgrades. Well, actually, there is. And it all has to do with sustainable ITAM.

The racetrack that is IT

Our current time in history is remarkable if for no other reason than because it is the first time in history that we’ve made technological breakthroughs at such a rapid pace. Because of this pace of innovation, business CIO leadership has a short window of opportunity to be effective.

This breakneck pace means budgeting can take a decidedly unsustainable angle. It’s quicker, after all, to upgrade frequently and dispose of the waste you’re producing in the most cost-effective way than it is to be responsible with your IT assets. For this reason, it’s in your business’s best interest to invest in a conscientious ITAM program.  

Use shorter timelines for greater innovation

When it comes to IT assets, there are several ways that being sustainable can actually create revenue—thereby improving budgets. This offers CIOs three unique ways to be strategic:

  • Shadow IT – in larger corporations, IT departments can go rogue. Creating a specific IT policy can help reign those departments in.
  • Expense to revenue – a rigorous ITAM program can quantify the benefits of remarketing end-of-life devices. This can create a measure of success for refurbishments.
  • ESG alignment – creating value out of EOL equipment is not only sustainable, but it sets you up to donate technology as well. Both of these factors should be included in your overall Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics.

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