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Bloomberg App Proves That Your Business Can’t Ignore Environmental, Social, and Governance


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If you are wondering where to look for ways to improve your business’s overall ratings or potential for investor interest, you can now just check your Bloomberg app. At least, that’s what CSRHub’s latest addition—via the Bloomberg Terminal App Portal—on your smartphone aims to provide. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) value skyrockets—thanks in a large part to the current climate conditions—companies of all sizes would do well to increase their philanthropic or sustainability initiatives. And, while you’re at it, go ahead and load your stats on the new app.

Paying it forward pays dividends            

Investors, for good or bad, follow Larry Fink’s advice like a lost sojourner follows a Sherpa. And for good reason; the man has built an empire out of spotting trends. So, when he admonishes businesses to attend to their ESG, it bears looking into. And Bloomberg agrees by investing in an app that can track that metric in real time. 

Even if you’re not a public company, the odds are in your favor if you boost your philanthropic endeavors. This is because the focus on ESG is not superficial. What Bloomberg discovered is that companies with a robust social and environmental approach are often more sustainable businesses—and not just with their resources.


Any effort counts with ESG

It’s true that when investors track metrics, they usually have good reasons. But what is also true is that there are more ways to grow your ESG program than just mustering up a 4-pillar plan. For instance, making partnerships with outsourced services, so they align with sustainable practices, can be as good to making your business more conscious as following some program in-house.

We see this lived out when businesses choose to use Sage for their ITAD program. Not only because we meticulously track every device we touch—ensuring it is dealt with as sustainably as possible—but also because we are a woman-owned company.  Those reasons allow out clients to show they are being environmentally and socially conscious (albeit by proxy).

Get ahead of the curve

If you’ve not already invested in boosting your business’s ESG, it’s not too late! With the validation that Bloomberg brings to this side of capitalism, it will hopefully bring lagging businesses to a more sustainable and socially-responsible level. In time, I, for one, hope to see all companies and corporations pursuing this conscientious approach to business.

By engaging in this now, rather than after everyone else is doing it, you can prove to the upcoming generation of talent and consumers that your business is forward-thinking. Cliché as it is, the times are changing and the businesses today that will survive our economic future will likely do so because they’ve chosen to be more sustainable with their actions.  

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