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A second chance for a first impression; fulfilling ITAD needs in enterprise businesses


A second chance for a first impression; fulfilling ITAD needs in enterprise businesses_Asset Management_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsAbout 7 years ago, Arrow bought Redemtech. The latter business having been built from nothing by Jill Vaské and Bob Houghton, and having forged a whole new industry category. The idea was that Arrow could take over handling ITAD for Redemtech’s customers in the same way as Jill and Bob and their team had. After it became clear that the acquisition would lose the sustainable focus which made Redemtech what it was, our leaders forged a new path with Sage Sustainable Electronics.

Unlike Redemtech, which was sold by Micro Electronics, Sage is safely in the innovative care that made the industry and is being built, by those who love our mission of sustainability, long into the future. This new company, specifically, has made crystal clear what a difference looking at extending the life of electronics can make for Enterprise businesses.

Great vision and purpose lasts.
Arrows eventually fall to earth.

As we learn more about the decision from Arrow to shutter its ITAD business, we have to admit it’s seasoned with a thrill of hope that Sage can continue what Redemtech started so many years ago for those clients that Arrow handled. But hope is not enough to build a partnership on, so we wanted to take a minute to remind you what Sage does, and how beneficial it is to partner with a sustainable ITAD provider.

The solution with a Return

Sustainability is more than just being a green business. As most businesses are finding out, the term really means efficiency (what else makes the most of resources more than that of being efficient?). And that’s what sustainable ITAD is all about: making the most of IT Assets. Specifically, taking those dust-collecting devices and refurbishing them for resale, redeployment, or reuse in the local community. Each of these options creates tangible returns like: added revenue, reduced IT spend, or ESG benefits, respectively.

Making a return on an asset that has already returned on its initial purchase is like pulling money from thin air. Consider that the majority of devices your business is ready to disposition could be resold or reused by your own team, your employees, or someone else in your community and you’ll quickly see that it’s truly throwing away money to simply recycle or trash those devices—which may be why Arrow didn’t see ITAD as sustainable.

The three things for handling Enterprise equipment

At Sage, we have a multi-step process that captures as much value from Enterprise End-of-Life (EOL) devices as possible. We do this because, frankly, we bleed green. But it helps that we’ve perfected our process to also create tangible returns for our clients. Each step of our process takes into account the true needs of Enterprise businesses, namely: security, service, and value.

  • Security: to service some of our largest clients, we have invested heavily in making our infrastructure and process as secure and safe as possible. From pick-up to quarantine, from sanitization to refurbishing, we ensure none of your data even comes close to threat level.
  • Service: integrated tracking of every device at each stage of our process, high-quality and professional refurbishing, and global-standard data erasure allows us to treat our clients to the best ITAD service the industry has to offer--and we are continually innovating.
  • Value: with sights set on making the most of your gadgets, we’ve created our Employee Purchase Program (EPP), Sage Shop, and GoodTogether programs. Each of these service extensions allows us to reap financial returns on resale items or ESG value (from donations) for our clients—all while keeping IT Assets out of the landfill.

In the wake of the largest IT Asset Disposition company’s absence in the ITAD space, we hope you look at what you really want to get out of your IT Assets. If you want to benefit from the efficient use of EOL devices and have the potential to receive additional revenue from those devices, then look to Sage for your ITAD. Even more so, if you want to gain ESG credit, boost your community, and do what’s best for the environment, then choose a partner who has been doggedly pursuing sustainability since before ITAD was really even a thing.

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