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5 Myths About Shredding IT Assets


5 Myths About Shredding IT Assets_Data Security_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsNo matter what you’ve heard, shredding hard drives has gaps (pardon the pun). While most ITAD providers claim the superiority of shredding data-bearing devices, we see it as a game of smoke and mirrors. Let’s look at 5 myths you’ve probably heard about shredding being best IT asset data-sanitization method.

  1. It’s guaranteed data destruction
    Oops, not exactly true. Turns out that pile of shredded metal is hard to sort through, which means you can’t guarantee your hard drives are even in that pile unless you watch them put each one in the hopper.
  2. It’s cheaper than the alternatives
    Data-erasure software costs far less than big industrial shredders and all the insurance surrounding them, so it’s likely we aren’t seeing the total cost of shredding. But we do know the difference is often made up through the export of e-waste.
  3. It’s more efficient than data erasure
    Shredding product means workers are happy just so long as something makes it in the hopper. This creates ideal conditions for your device to “accidentally” get lost or, say, fall onto that India-bound shipping container...   
  4. It’s better than data erasure
    Quick-and-dirty dealings with your retired assets might sound more cost-effective but you give up the potential resale value that only erased drives can bring (Not to mention any ESG equity that comes from being more sustainable).
  5. It’s the standard method
    Actually, this is true. But that doesn’t make it right! The better option is to be sustainable with IT assets as they have so much left to give. With a sustainable mindset, the sanitization of data becomes the most critical component (because you can track it!), instead of just another thing to toss in the hopper.

So, choose an ITAD partner who looks to reclaim the most value from your devices. This will ensure your data is completely sanitized while offering a cost-recovery program that isn’t illegal. Just be sure to look for their NIST 800-88 data sanitization compliance.

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And, with the right partner, like Sage, you have other options such as Employee Purchase Programs, ecommerce sales, or donations to glean the most value from your IT assets. Check out our processes to learn more or contact us for a quote on your data-sanitization needs.

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