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3 Sustainable resolutions for 2018


3 Sustainable resolutions for 2018_Environmental_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsOkay, we’ll bite; we figure everyone is thinking about their resolutions now that the headache of any New Years celebrations has been pacified, right? So, we’ll drop our two on the subject of sustainability.

2018 will undoubtedly have a slew of new technology and updated electronic devices to purchase and upgrade to. In light of this inevitability, why not make a plan for your soon-to-be retired electronics right now? By creating a plan beforehand, you can avoid the frustration that often leads to just tossing the outmoded tech in the garbage.

This, of course, would be one of the worst things you could do with electronic devices, since e-waste is considered hazardous. Instead, make a list of possible options for your outmoded tablet or smartphone. Whether sending it to donations, selling it through a reseller, or converting it to perform a different task altogether, your plan will be more sustainable than the alternative.

Okay, resolution number one: deal with older technology in a sustainable way. Check.

While we’re on the subject of retiring technology, another step in the sustainable direction would be to avoid upgrading altogether. This might sound like heresy to avid Apple advocates, but you don’t HAVE to buy the latest iPhone.

Pushing to use a device for even one year longer than the ads tell you to is a great way to keep things in the proper perspective without actually becoming one of those hold-outs who’s still rocking the Power Mac. The latest version will likely be out of date in a few months anyway, so think of it as leap-frogging the early adopters.

Resolution two: hold off buying the latest tech for at least 10 months… without panicking.

If you own a business, the idea of upgrading might actually cause fits of nervous twitching. Not only because of the cost to overturn all that technology you just got through paying off, but because of the headache you’ll get dealing with the retired assets (see resolution number one).

The good news is that there’s an entire industry centered around helping companies handle their IT assets. It’s called IT Asset Management (ITAM) or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), depending on how much you want to do with the assets. ITAD is pretty much for sending assets directly to the recycler, while ITAM typically adds more life to the assets.

ITAM is obviously more sustainable overall, but with the right recycler—one who’s e-Steward certified—even ITAD can be sustainable. But consider the benefits of a good ITAM company like Sage handling your assets:

  • Legal hold and quarantine keeps sensitive data on lock-down until you’re ready to remove it
  • 100% data erasure ensures life after work doesn’t compromise your device’s security
  • Revenue sharing helps recoup your business’s technology investment with any resold devices
  • Employee Purchase Programs empower your employees with familiar technology
  • GoodTogether program makes donating devices to charitable causes a stress-free event

There you have it. Resolution number three is looking into a sustainable ITAM company for your business’s technology needs.

Indeed, 2018 is going to be thumbs-high all the way with an outlook (and a few resolutions) like this. And, don’t forget, we’ll be slinging some great content at you to help keep the perspective. In fact, you can subscribe for our bimonthly round-up of these posts in that email spot to your left (or below if you're mobile).

We hope your New Year’s celebrations were safe and joyous. Here’s to 2018!

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