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3 Steps to Disposition for Sustainability


3 Steps to Disposition for Sustainability_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsYou just upgraded your office and now have an extra laptop and some monitors but you’re not quite sure what to do with them. Earth Day is still a ways away and you really need the room that these devices are currently taking up. Well, with this guide, you can handle the devices you no longer need in the most sustainable way possible.

  • Step 1 Gather the Peripherals
    Because reuse is the best way to be green with electronics, to make retired devices sustainable, you really need to make them as valuable for resale as possible. This means all the cords and adapters need to go along with them when they leave. That way your ITAD partner can capture the highest price, making your extra few steps of preparation a monetary gain.
  • Step 2Handle them CAREFULLY
    You’d be surprised how companies typically handle their End-of-Life (EOL) devices as soon as their replacements are up and running. We’ve seen piles of laptops, boxes with monitors tossed in them, and duffle-bags full of smartphones; all of which get scratched, dented, or broken before they even reach the dock. That’s like burning money, when you think about the return that could’ve been made on those items.
Let’s take a moment to get our minds around what’s going on here. At the core, what happens is the offending parties in this case simply don’t see any value still within devices they've deemed as unusable. But the truth is that businesses typically upgrade well before the current devices they use are obsolete. This means there is still so much more that those assets can do for someone else. So, for your sake, treat them with the respect they deserve!
  • Step 3Call your ITAD partner
    Ideally, the service that will handle your EOL devices will have the same sustainable plan for your devices as you do now. That means they will track your devices, offer a quarantine option for sensitive data, erase 100% of the data, and share any returns they make on the resale of your assets. Each of these steps needs to be present to make the most of your investment in technology.

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Keep in mind, these services are not free—and, lest you balk at the price, remember that it pales in comparison to fines you might otherwise incur by trying to handle your devices any other way than sustainably. In fact, when you take into consideration any resale revenue gained, the ESG benefit of using a sustainable vendor, and the equity that being sustainable provides for your brand, the cost to be responsible is negligible.

Take these three steps to prepare your devices for optimal sustainability and rest assured that, if you work with Sage Sustainable Electronics, you will be doing the best thing you can for the planet.

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