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3 powerful reasons to consider sustainability for your business


Image ©: Grist.orgIt makes us giddy when we see companies innovating more sustainable options to give to their customers. This innovation can sometimes be considered at odds with competitiveness in the marketplace, and that is simply not true. In fact, innovating toward sustainability is often the only way to stay competitive. Let us not forget that another word for sustainability is efficiency. And when has efficiency ever not been a competitive move?

Sustainability is what people want

Today’s pace is breakneck; customers can weigh in almost as soon as something is released—and sometimes earlier. Let’s be honest: the knowledge your customers have about your industry can be downright frightening, right? OR this input could trigger innovative changes toward a product or service that more closely aligns with their interests—making them more loyal to your brand.

The majority of customers today want sustainability in what they purchase, seeking evidence that your business truly cares about environmental social governance (ESG). Address this concern with business operations that make your company more green, and you can improve processes while gaining market share.coca-cola-2nd-life-hed-2014.jpg

Doing this doesn’t have to be all business to the point of being lifeless, either. In fact, your customers probably want a little zest in what you give them. Just look at these ways Coke made fun, simple products to give a second life to their ubiquitous bottles. Or there’s Pangea Organics’ bar soap packaging: designed to sprout spruce trees when tossed, as another example. Another favorite is Sword and Plough clothiers. Their upcycling hits what they call a “quadruple bottom line” by converting veteran’s clothing and materials into trendy fashion.

Sustainability is better for your business

Beyond just capturing the tree-hugging hearts of your customers, operating more sustainably can benefit your business. One example close to our world is with IT Asset Management (ITAM). Right now, you probably have several outdated or retired laptops and monitors taking up space in the utility closet—am I right? Or at the least, you have a phone or two. This is money waiting to be spent.

By investing in a thorough ITAM company to manage your technology, you can streamline the outdated technology that might otherwise go to waste. At Sage, we have a multi-step process to turn even your most secure retired technology back into money-making assets. Through reuse, repurposing, and e-Steward certified recycling, we eke every last penny out of that e-waste and roll it back to your business.

ITAM is just one of the ways to improve your business’s ESG. Bringing more diversity to your workforce, finding sustainably-certified partners, and get an energy audit can all make your business more holistically sustainable immediately. And there are dozens of more ways to make your business “greener” by simply swapping out current processes of vendors.

Sustainability isn’t at odds with your goals

Innovating to be greener, swapping your vendors, and having a thoughtful ITAM process are all great things to do for your business, but there are still companies who resist these on the idea that this will make more problems than staying the current course. The evidence, however, is fairly powerful that making your business better for People, Profits, and the Planet is ultimately better for business in general.

We stand as proof that taking the time to make sustainability a way of life—more than just a good notion—for your company will pay huge dividends in your business. Once we started looking at business through the lens of sustainability, new, unexplored vistas opened up. We began operating in a space where few exist—giving us greater market presence. Undoubtedly, this can work for your business as well.

What’s your opinion? Is your business already reaping the benefits of a sustainable outlook? Or are you still unsure that the grass truly is greener on the other side? Do you have innovations you’re not sure how to act on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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