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2 Ways an ITAD Can Boost Your COVID-19 Response

2 Ways an ITAD Can Boost Your COVID-19 Response _ Sage Sustainable Electronics

Many companies are responding to the expanding Corona virus epidemic right now. Your IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner can accelerate and support your efforts in two important areas:

WORK from HOME. Having people work from home makes so much sense that every business will try. But first everyone needs a fully configured PC and VPN login, and possibly a docking station, displays, maybe even a printer. Managing the logistics of work-from-home are challenging, but ensuring end user out-of-the-box productivity and satisfaction are even more difficult. These are core competencies for the best ITADs.

  • Home deployment. A good ITAD can project manage the deployment of a handful or thousands of home office setups, ready to plug in and work. These can be any combination of new and/or refurbished devices. Basic hardware support can be provided by your helpdesk, or in many cases your ITAD can help there too.
  • Spares. When hardware failures occur, if your warranty supports service at the end user’s home, that’s perfect. Otherwise, it is often expedient to deploy a ready-to-work spare to the employee’s home, and recover the defective device for depot repair. Yes, a good ITAD can easily do that.
  • Recovery. Inevitably some home workers will exit your business before the end of the crisis. Your ITAD is ideally suited to manage the recovery of company owned hardware, sanitize the data, refurbish, and make it available for another deployment. Surplus quantities can be resold for value recovery.

SUPPLY CHAIN INTERRUPTIONS. The severe disruption in Asian manufacturing centers caused by COVID-19 has already created hardware shortages which may worsen. Your ITAD is in an ideal position to mitigate supply constraints.

  • Refurbish and redeploy what you already own. Develop a strategic equipment list of models qualifying for redeployment. Then ask your ITAD to retain any qualifying devices they receive, refurbish and configure to your standards, and hold for redeployment on demand. An upside is that extending the life of equipment also reduces cost of ownership and increases sustainability.
  • Buy refurbished tech instead of new. A professionally refurbished device is more reliable than new at a fraction of the cost. If supplies of new hardware are unavailable, or if you want an inexpensive short term solution for the duration of the crisis, refurbished tech is a sustainable option that many businesses never consider. Insist on at least a one year warranty, and have your purchases configured to your specifications.

At last count, twenty-seven countries have implemented national or local school closures to slow the spreading Corona virus. High profile public events are being cancelled daily. It is only a matter of time before every business is interrupted. Your current ITAD is positioned to move faster, at a lower cost, than VARs and traditional service providers in support of your response to the crisis.

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