Sage Sustainable Electronics’ GoodTogether Program Is Proud To Help the Columbus Zoo Create A Highly Interactive Educational Experience For All Guests

Sage Sustainable Electronics is proud to partner with The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium as they create a highly interactive and engaging experience for student visitors to the zoo. The Columbus Zoo is a point of community pride and an important hands-on classroom for children and adults alike.

This initiative requires a major technology infrastructure upgrade, and Sage Sustainable Electronics is helping the Zoo do so in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way through its philanthropic GoodTogether program. Continually upgrading the Zoo's technology is essential if the zoo is to stay on the leading edge.

Through Sage GoodTogether, the Columbus Zoo can use expertly refurbished devices that are retired IT assets donated by corporate partners throughout Central Ohio. Sage handles the safe transport, data sanitization and repair and refurbishment of all the donated devices – which can be everything from servers to network switches to smartphones, tablets and laptops. The devices can then help the zoo in one of two ways - they can be safely re-deployed at the Columbus Zoo in offices or for use by guests, or, the devices may be sold through the Sage online shop with proceeds going directly to technology programs at the zoo.

The Vision: Think Interactive, Think Experiential Learning

Creating a world class interactive experience using surplus IT assets while supporting our planet's sustainability


The zoo is looking ahead to a time when all students who come to the zoo as part of their school’s STEM curriculum, as well as all the zoo’s guests, can experience the animal exhibits with interactive technology via a dedicated app, location-based alerts, maps and other experiences. Visitors could get information about the animals, their habits, and the importance of animal conservation far beyond what can be communicated on a static plaque in front of an exhibit.

To make this vision a reality, the zoo is aiming to engage as many of its corporate partners as possible to donate retired IT assets to the zoo.

All Central Ohio community members can also contribute by shopping at the Sage online shop for like-new refurbished devices of all kinds, with a portion of proceeds directed to the Columbus Zoo's technology programs.

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Two Missions Working Together to Do Good

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The Concept is Simple

Concept is simple


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What You Can Expect

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Socially Responsible


Financially Beneficial

Sage facilitates the entire transaction including
asset collection, auditing, appraisal,
refurbishing and data sanitization.
Achieve your social community reinvestment
goals by donating your used but
still useful electronics.
Sage ensures all data-bearing electronics are
sanitized of all data using market
leading erasure tools.
IT asset donations deliver a very high
“giving ROI” ratio (4:1 or better) of the
donation’s market value to its costs.



The Columbus Zoo's Goals for 2020

Engage as many corporate partners as possible to donate retired IT assets for reuse or resale by the end of 2020.


What we need:



Cisco ISR4331-SEC/K9 or equivalent 2
Cisco C9300-48UXM-A 12
Cisco C9300-NM-8X 12
HPE ProLiant DL360 or DL380 Gen 10 server 4
HPE StoreEasy Any version 2
Cisco C9300 Edge 24 or 48 ports 100+
22” LCD monitors with base & 1-2 HDMI ports (2 is preferable)


How to Support The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.


Sage will work with you to collect your surplus IT and deliver the goods to the Columbus Zoo, hassle-free.


Let Sage sell your retired assets on our online store and donate all or a portion of your proceeds to the Columbus Zoo.


Shop for electronics from Sage’s online store and 5% of your purchase price is automatically donated to the Columbus Zoo.

Donate to the Columbus Zoo

Shop for the Columbus Zoo

Shop for discount technology— a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit the Columbus Zoo.


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Sage Sustainable Electronics


Jill Vaské

Founder of GoodTogether