Why Sage and Boundless are GoodTogether®

For more than forty years, Boundless has provided people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and behavioral health challenges the freedom and opportunity to live boundless lives. From residential support and vocational training to primary care and behavioral health services, we proudly offer person-centered care that celebrates each individual and empowers them to become active participants in the communities where they live, work, and play.


Sage and Lumity are GoodTogether

Martin's Story


"We have seen people’s lives change with simple use of an iPad, Amazon Echo and inexpensive apps.  An example is Martin, a 48-year old man we have supported for 14 years. Martin has Cerebral Palsy, an intellectual disability and Hydrocephalus, which means his physical abilities are limited, especially his hands.  Martin has some limitation in his verbal skills but he and our staff have a rapport so they understand what he is communicating.  Because of the physical limitations, Martin needs our staff to turn lights on and off, turn the ceiling fan on and off, turn the TV or music on or off, raise or lower shades, and so many other comforts of life, in addition to his bathing, dressing, sleeping.  Despite his dependence, Martin is his own person with strong preferences and interests. Because of all this, we knew Martin would benefit from the use of technology. We set up an Amazon Echo in his room and linked the device to attributes in his room.  We first started with music – and Martin asked Alexa (the name of the device) to play his favorite band – Boys 2 Men – and when it did, without him having to ask us and without our staff pushing the play button, his eyes lit up.  He realized he turned the music on and was elated by the technology but also his new found freedom.  We were honored to witness this joy.  He is why we are asking for support.  He is why we strive for innovation."



Boundless is more than a company name. It’s a statement about who we are and our commitment to building a world that realizes the boundless potential of all people.”

How to Support

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.

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Sage will work with you to collect your surplus IT and deliver the goods to Boundless, hassle-free!

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