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Sustainability is a universal language


Sustainability speaks universally

When it comes to forging a path of sustainability through the quagmire of commerce, any voice sharing your song is a welcome tune. This is the case with the designers at INCLINEDESIGN in Nevada. In a recent blog post on their website, Sage was given accolades about our GoodTogether program that these designers heard about.

With her vision to bring sustainable design to the mainstream paradigm and a solid understanding of what technology can do for people, it’s no wonder Caroline DiDiego (Casudi) found our GoodTogether site. She gets it.

In fact, her deep appreciation for reuse is evidenced by the Avant Garde design studio she shares with James Ferris. Caroline and James create amazing architecture with reuse as their launching point. But we’re not talking shabby chic like the way reuse looks in my house, INCLINEDESIGN’s creations are bold and timeless—almost as timeless as the sustainability that drives them.

Like a familiar song, Caroline sang about extending the life of electronics in her post. And we echo that refrain. Sustainability is the sweetest song for today’s architects as much as it is for corporations, communities, and consumers.

Thank you for the chorus, Caroline!


Image ©: Sustainable Business Consulting