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"Technology Donations Quadruple

CRA Development Investment Credits"

by Jill Vaské and Robert Houghton


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Internet access has become a requisite of success. Digital exclusion is highly correlated to generational cycles of poverty. Fifty-three percent of households nationwide earning less than $25,000 lack internet access. Only 50% of households earning less than $30,000 own a computer. This "digital divide" contributes to systemic exclusion from opportunities in education, employment, healthcare, political engagement and social interaction.

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), passed in 1977, creates an obligation for federally insured lending institutions to provide development services to low and moderate income (LMI) communities.

In this whitepaper, the authors illustrate how well managed donations of refurbished technology yield greater impact, dollar for dollar, than alternative investments made in support of CRA obligations. They address the very reasonable concerns of IT professionals that prevent them from donating surplus hardware, and build a strong business case for donation.


About the Authors

Robert Houghton and Jill Vaské are co-owners of Sage Sustainable Electronics. They met as co-founders of Redemtech, the world's leading independent ITAD company until its sale to Arrow Electronics in 2012. Environmentalists, innovators and philanthropists at heart, they pioneered the Sage GoodTogether® program to facilitate the donation of useful technology to nonprofits and communities in need.