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Urgent call from students after the wildfires: Technology is needed!


SRJC_GT_Donation Slide.jpgThis decade is no stranger to natural disasters. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a tropical storm or earthquake or wildfire taking its toll on vulnerable communities. For instance, more than 1,000 local Santa Rosa Junior College students and staff were affected by the devastating Tubbs wildfires in October. In fact, the blaze has taken a $3,000,000,000 bite out of the West Coast state.

But how can I help from where I am?

IMG_2067.jpgIn times like these, every hand is precious—and, it would seem, so is every smartphone. The impact of technology on our culture can be seen clearly in times like these; after shelter and food, the loss of technology is, arguably, the most painful material loss felt by the victims. 

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Sage handles IT assets for businesses in a sustainable and socially-conscientious way. One of the ways we do this is through our GoodTogether program, which teams up with local non-profits to provide much-needed technology to those in need. In this case, we will be working with Santa Rosa Junior College.

We can’t do this alone—we need your retired tech Donation-Needs.png

To learn more about how you can contribute to this massive need, partner with Sage’s GoodTogether program, and reach out to a fire-ravaged community with your old technology, click here. Your donations will be processed securely and simply. And, as a certified Microsoft Certified Refurbisher, we will be offering the highest quality products to the recipients—out-of-the-box ready for them to start rebuilding their lives.

Just point to the devices you want to donate—we do the rest. 

Get started with the donation process here. Once approved, there will be an $85 per-device processing fee to do the following with your donation:

  • 100% Data erasure with certified documentation
  • Cosmetic Restoration – fully clean the exterior and interior of the equipment.
  • Software Installation – Microsoft Windows 10 Home Premium with Office
  • Like-new kitting complete with new mouse
  • Like-new packaging complete with support instructions
  • Comprehensive order management and delivery coordination
  • Direct-to-recipient Ground Delivery

You can lend a much-needed hand to victims of the Tubbs wildfires with your retired technology.