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Five Best Practices When Buying Refurbished Electronics


Five Best Practices When Buying Refurbished Electronics_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsIf you read our companion piece about why to buy refurbished devices, you might be wondering how exactly to go about doing that. And no wonder; there are so many horror stories that have circulated about buying previously used devices that would make even the boldest buyer bury their heads in the sand. Well, with this list, we cover all that you need to know about purchasing refurbished devices:

  1. Find a reputable reseller - certifications are a good way to ensure compliance with higher standards (as we've talked before about with the e-Stewards certification), and with refurbishing the certification to look for is the MAR, or Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher certification.
  2. Look for a return policy - along with certifications, having a robust return policy usually denotes a reseller that can be trusted, because if you did a good job in the first place, you shouldn't have any issue with taking it back.
  3. Check the reviews - does the reseller post reviews or allow comments on their site? Or is there a Yelp! option for that company? Either way, you get a more honest insight into the way that company handles their business.
  4. Choose the right things to buy - this isn't as straightforward as your typical shopping venue, so take into consideration these two things:
    1. Where the reseller sources their products - are the products from corporate offices or do they come from someone's hobby shop?
    2. What grading scale they adhere to - A, B, & C are your typical grades; A being the best and C being usable but with significant cosmetic concerns. Anything below C and it's buyer beware.
  5. Pay attention to package deals - though not a deal breaker, the potential for combined discounts can significantly impact your overall spend. For instance, we often have a surplus of items from one manufacturer or corporate client--like monitors--that wind up getting reduced significantly in an effort for us to move them through our inventory.

When you purchase refurbished devices, you not only access incredible cost savings, but you also help the planet. If you're purchasing a refurbished device for your business, ask the refurbisher about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credits that you might be able to cash in on. In the Sage shop, we offer specific ESG reporting so you can benefit doubly with your refurbished purchases.

Visit our shop today and see what kind of deals we have in store.

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