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6 Things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving


Image ©: the Green Market OracleWe talk a lot about the negative effects of used technology on our environment, but the truth is we see so much potential for making this world a better place; and sometimes, that message gets lost. So, rather than pulling the veil back on e-waste and upgrade treadmills, we want to take this Thanksgiving to showcase all the incredible things we see happening with regards to environmental responsibility.

Here are the top 6 things we are thankful for today:

  1. Sustainability is gaining popularity: Recent research shows that people all over are understanding the need to be more conscientious about their behavior.
  2. Major companies are setting an example of circular economics: with these massive corporations showing the profitability of operating with a circular economy, maybe the rest of us can make the leap.
  3. The government isn’t all lost: say what you will about recent events in the white house, but this page from the CDC site gives us hope that someone out there still cares.
  4. Innovations are geared toward sustainability: In recent years, the number of companies, inventors, and startups focusing solely on sustainable answers have been increasing; making a big difference each year.
  5. The watchdogs are vigilant: inevitably, there will be people and businesses who want to revert back to less responsible methods for disposing of waste or making their products. Thankfully, however, there are good people working to ensure those methods don’t persist without penalty. After all, we all pay the price for unsustainable behavior.Image ©: Pinterest
  6. We get to meet the heroes: in our business, we are able to work with so many really great companies—partners toward a better world who believe in our mission. We want to take a moment to say “thank you” to each of these fantastic clients.

So, for this holiday, our baskets are full of amazing opportunities and incredible advocates to be thankful for. We hope you see all the reasons to be thankful in your own life, and that you take the chance to share those with someone tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!