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The Future is Here and It Looks Great On You


image ©: madisonsinnovative.com/2014/03/02/wearable-technology/ As technology marches toward the once-fiction-turned-factual future, it is not surprising that fashion has started to peek in on the proceedings. Wearable technology used to be something out of Dick Tracy comics and science-fiction movies, but today things like the iWatch and Fitbits have broken down the barriers that, even just a few years ago, people thought would be impossible.

But the impossibility was never because of the technology. No, indeed, it seems there are no limits to what our innovation will lead to. Instead, what was deemed impossible was the market for these wearable gadgets.

But with the rise of true wearable gadgetry, coupled with the new arrival of IoT, the fashion industry is taking another turn down the micro-processing runway. According to this article from PSFK, it only makes sense that after paying $700 dollars for a smartphone, you might be inclined to shell out the same amount for a jacket with similar interconnectivity.

Add to this threshold for costly attire recent technological breakthroughs like smart fabrics and innovative textiles, and the market for high-quality wearables is just around the corner. And with the rise of these wearables, smart designers have been leaning toward making classic designs rather than passing fads. It seems those 80s iridescent leotards we were told would be our inevitable fashion won’t be the style of the future after all.  

Perhaps, along with classic fashions with high-tech gear sewn in the lining, we might start to see fashion, err, fashioned from repurposed e-waste. At Sage, we’re a fan of looking at these assets in a different way. What do you think? Would you wear a USB necklace? What about a purse that could open your front door?

We may not make wearable technology, but we do handle old tech sustainably. To learn more about our processes, click here.

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