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Digital business upgrades can be a slippery slope


Digital business upgrades can be a slippery slope_Asset Management_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsAny business worth its weight needs to adapt to progress, stay agile in the face of a changing workplace, and upgrade their technology to match those ongoing innovations. But not every upgrade a company might consider is worth the cost to make it happen. As this CIO article contends, the vision for the upgrades needs to be crystal clear to make it worth the expense.

Is your business digital upgrade a true transformation or just an optimization? If we’re being honest, there are always business upgrades that are critical for the survival of your business—and some can truly transform how you handle your day-to-day. However, just like with the latest iPhone iteration, there are often upgrades that aren’t really critical, but very tempting nonetheless.

Only you can know what your business will need with regards to its technology, but remember: it can be hard to ignore the siren call of the shiny new server, or impressive-looking phone system. And with any new asset you acquire, you still have to deal with the old technology. With any good upgrade, a conscientious retirement strategy needs to be implemented for the outmoded devices.

Here are some things to consider about your old tech when upgrading:

  • Is there sensitive data on my old devices?
  • Can I repurpose this old tech for some other part of my business?
  • Do I have employees who can benefit from the old devices?

If you’ve justified the upgrade and handled the questions about your old tech, be prudent in how you go about making the upgrades. Diving in to the new technology without careful planning, like anything else in business, can end up costing you. And, if done correctly, there might be a way to score points in the environmental responsibility category.

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