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Changing the world… one laptop at a time


SRJC Response to laptop donationsEvery once in a while, we catch a glimpse of how being a good steward of technology can really change the world. It’s moments like these that keep us true to our mission of sustainable electronics. We are about halfway through our campaign to provide laptops to students and staff of Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Tubbs fires decimated the homes of over 900 SRJC students and employees. And just when everything seemed to—quite literally—go up in smoke, retired IT assets came in to quell the turmoil. Generous donations from Charles Schwab, and various other businesses, through our GoodTogether program, have been a ray of hope to those still stuck in the shadows of these fires.

Giving just feels good

We want to share what some of the students have said about these donations with those of you who have been a part of this, or any GoodTogether campaign. Often, we do charitable activities thinking the moment of altruism will be enough. But when the response is so powerful, it brings back that generosity to the present; reminding us why we give—and to those businesses who might still have gently-used i5 or newer laptops sitting around (hint, hint)—how being a good steward helps people like Tami. 

Tami is a single mother of three who had no way of Tami-Thanks.jpgaffording a replacement laptop for her classes at SRJC. Studies that will help her move from “struggling” to “successful,” as a business professional. Now, as her comments show, she can make this future happen for her family around the kids’ schedules with her new laptop.


That donor laptop was technology that might have otherwise gone
into permanent storage at one of our donor company’s offices.


The potential is limited only by our generosity

The Tubbs fires occurred in early October, giving Alicia-Thanks.jpgresidents of neighboring communities only moments to retrieve their possesions before fire beset their homes to ashen ruin. By providing your company’s retired IT assets together, we could create more stories like Alicia’s—a student whose faith in humanity was restored by such a simple gesture.


And GoodTogether was designed to make it simple. Consider that in just a few weeks, we were able to obtain 60 laptops from Charles Schwab and other donors, wipe them of 100% of their data, clean them inside and out, load each of them with their own license of Windows 10, professionally repackage them, and even ship them to SRJC fully warranted. And all the donors had to do was point to the devices they wanted to donate.



It is this generosity that fills the Giving Season with wonder

We’ve all scrambled last-minute to find that perfect gift before a party this time of year. But, what if the perfect gift was that laptop your intern is done using? Or a tablet that accounting has moved to the supply closet?

Most businesses have IT coming out their assets; much of it lying fallow until recycle day. All GoodTogether does is put those retired devices in the hands of schools, organizations, and communities whose need for those goes beyond their access.

Tela-Thanks.jpgAccess is what it boils down to, isn’t it? The digital divide we are crossing by providing gadgets that have more to give to people like Tela—an SRJC student who hopes to graduate into a career in Child Development. Reading her response allows us to see the second-generation blessings that could come from this amazing program. The kids Tela will be working with after she graduates will probably hear of the gift that helped her graduate.

Will you be able to give this season?Why we do it_03.jpg

There is still time to help with this campaign; over 900 students were affected by this devastation. And with our current donors, we’ve only been able to scratch the surface. If your business is looking to replace i5 or newer laptops, why not receive the benefits that come with generosity and donate those devices to the SRJC?

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Click here to learn more about GoodTogether

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