We're joining forces for electronics recycling that's secure, domestic and accountable.


Leaders with a passion for protecting our environment

Most electronics companies are controlled by mega-corporations, but we're owned by three staunch environmentalists— Wendy Neu, Robert Houghton, and Jill Vaské. Our passion for protecting the environment translates to complete protection of customer interests— no shortcuts mean no downstream liabilities, ever.


A legacy of responsible resource recovery

Once one of the largest recyclers of scrap metal in the world, Hugo Neu is now an industry leader in electronics recycling, continuing the company's 68 year legacy of responsible resource recovery. Hugo Neu Recycling is located on the company's 130 acre development property at Kearny Point, New Jersey— fifteen minutes from Manhattan.

Certified to the global standard for electronics recycling

We are independently audited and certified to the e-Stewards Standard. In fact, we don't just meet e-Stewards standards— we created them. That's what happens when you have nearly 70 years of success in the recycling industry.


Parts add to the harvest

Since our first priority is always reuse, we harvest reusable parts before the recycling process begins. Using reclaimed parts to repair other devices is good for the environment, and great for our customers' wallets.

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