Sage GoodTogether®

Transforming Surplus IT
Into Opportunities

The Concept is Simple


Corporations in America retire millions of devices each year. The vast majority of these machines are still usable. Sage takes your used electronics, refurbishes them, and transfers the electronics or proceeds to those in need.

Case Study:

See how NetJets and Sage
are GoodTogether


Sage facilitates the entire transaction including asset collection, auditing, appraisal, refurbishing and data sanitization.

Socially Responsible

Achieve your social community reinvestment goals by donating your used but still useful electronics.


Sage ensures all data-bearing electronics are sanitized of all data using market leading erasure tools.

How to Support

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.

Donate a Portion of Your IT Sales

Let Sage sell your retired assets on our online store and donate all or a portion of your proceeds to the nonprofit of your choice.

Donate Surplus
IT Assets

Sage will work with you to find a match for your surplus IT and deliver the goods, hassle-free!

Shop for Electronics

Shop for new and refurbished electronics from Sage’s online store and a percentage of your sale is automatically donated to the nonprofit of your choice.


Non Profits:

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