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Kids Fighting Over Devices?


Every parent today knows the struggle: kids fighting over gadgets. But there's a solution! I recently purchased a refurbished 5th generation iPod touch for my son because he and his sister fight over our first-gen iPad (yes, we STILL use a first-generation iPad).

But there was a bigger reason. He has been doing excellent in school, and he deserved his own device. With this iPod, I am able to teach my son the rewards of working hard, personal responsibility, and control – being able to put down the device and go play outside, for example.

We have all been faced with the need or desire to purchase or upgrade a device. Whether we’re buying for ourselves, our elderly parents or grandparents, our children or college students or even for our business, many benefits can come from purchasing a refurbished device.

Most obvious is cost – refurbished devices are often a fraction of the cost of buying new. If you buy from a trusted source, such as Sage Sustainable Electronics, you can be sure you are getting a like-new device. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking only new purchases carry warranties - Sage Sustainable Electronics offers a 1-year limited warranty on devices purchased through shop.sagese.com.

Buying refurbished is also good for the environment. Each device that is repurposed to a new user or is used in a new way (old iPhones as iPods or UPS’ as home power backups!), means less demand for new products to be manufactured and sold. When buying from a trusted source like Sage, you know that your new device has been processed according to the strictest environmental standards, including e-Stewards.

With the increase in popularity of Craigslist, Facebook selling walls, and good-old-fashioned yard sales, people have a history of wanting to get the best deal. At Sage, we hope to expand that practice to the technology space and Take the Stigma out of Buying Used Electronics

So parents: give yourself a break! If your kids are fighting (and if they deserve it) consider buying them their own refurbished device today. It's as much a gift for you, as for them!

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