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John Deere's statement: "TOTAL CRAP"

Image © Cartec Systems via VICE

In the latest on the right-to-repair saga between American farmers and John Deere, Jason Koebler for VICE reveals how farmers are using pirated software to hack into their own tractors to repair them.

John Deere claims innocence: that farmers own, and are fully capable of easily servicing, the machines that they buy. Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of Repair.org, a trade organization fighting for right-to-repair legislation, calls John Deere's statement "total crap." 

You can read more about the right to repair here and here.

Sage wholeheartedly supports right-to-repair efforts, because we believe in getting the most out of every machine. By blocking repair, ill-advised companies are not only forming anti-competitive monopolies, they are stealing money (in the form of extended life and secondary market value) from their buyers. It's short-sited and unsustainable.

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