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It's a Mindset...

Image © Green Eileen via GreenBiz

"Eileen Fisher is already regarded as a leader in earth-friendly, high-fashion clothing," reports Anya Khalamayzer for GreenBiz. "It has shifted to using organic cotton and linen, recycled polyester and nonhazardous dyes, and aims to be carbon positive by 2020. It tracks its supply chain to ensure worker’s rights. Last year, Eileen Fisher manufactured about 4 million garments."

They have taken their commitment to sustainability one step further through Green Eileen: "a takeback program that collects all Eileen Fisher clothing, sorts and resells them at a discount at designated stores. Customers receive $5 for each recycled item, with part of the proceeds benefiting a bevy of nonprofits."

"Our goal is to keep everything we manufacture out of a landfill — forever," says Cynthia Power, who manages Green Eileen. The company expects the recycling total to hit 1 million. In 2015, Green Eileen brought in 170,000 garments, or 4 percent of the company’s output.

They're not the only ones: Patagonia has a similar program.

Ultimately, it's not about clothes or computers. It's a mindset.

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