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Electronics Disposal Fraud in Chicago


The Chicago-area recycling business owner who allegedly operated a multimillion-dollar scheme that fraudulently disposed of potentially hazardous electronic parts was set to be released on bond last month after a hearing in federal court, reports Robert Channick for the Chicago Tribune.

"According to a federal indictment, [Brian] Brundage [the former owner of Intercon Solutions and current owner of EnviroGreen Processing] fraudulently misrepresented to customers that the electronics received by both companies would be disassembled and recycled "in an environmentally sound manner." Instead, the indictment alleges, he caused "thousands of tons" of electronics parts and potentially hazardous materials to be placed into landfills, resold to customers who shipped the materials overseas, or stockpiled in his warehouses."

Just because your ITAD provider claims to do the right thing, or has "Green" in its name, doesn't guarantee anything these days. Transparent disposition, down to each individual asset, is the only way to protect your company - and the earth - from malfeasance.

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