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CEOs Spill on Sustainability

Image © Shutterstock via GreenBiz

In this excerpt from "Global Sustainability: 21 Leading CEOs Show How to Do Well by Doing Good," authored by Mark Lefko, CEOs discuss strategies for diverting food waste, developing sustainable agriculture, recycling and creating better packaging. 

In addressing degraded agicultural land, Lefko writes: "We are rapidly depleting our land services and our soil. We could feed 200 million people more by only using 12 percent of degraded land. Instead of cutting more forests, you have to make the world understand that it is better to invest in degraded lands and in sustainable agriculture, bringing the yield per acre up."

Although in a slightly different context, this is exactly what Sage does for its customers: take their "degraded" electronic equipment, invest in it, and bring the up the "yield" (ie its useful value, either within the company, or through resale).

Sustainability: it's a mindset.

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