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America's Television Graveyards

Image © Ohio EPA via VICE

In his article for VICE, Jason Koebler examines the catastrophic situation for CRT recyclers in America. It uses Closed Loop, a failed recycler, as a case study; it's also an excellent primer on the CRT recycling process, which is far more complex than most people realize.

"The CRT mess, the industry says, has been caused by a fundamental refusal by society to acknowledge that recycling is an expensive proposition," writes Koebler. "Falling commodity prices have made it difficult to subsidize CRT recycling, and companies keep prices artificially low by speculating that one day new technologies could make CRT recycling profitable. Then there are scam companies that drive prices even lower by taking old televisions for impossibly low rates with no intention of recycling them."

We've been saying this at Sage for a long time: if you are handing over CRTs (or any electronics) to a recycler, make sure you have full transparency of the disposition stream. Otherwise, your devices could end up in America's electronics graveyards.

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